11 Best Standalone Smartwatch With eSIM Cellular

Standalone Smartwatch

Since Apple introduced its Apple Watch in April 2015, the technology of smartwatch devices has evolved a lot. There are also many players in the market now. Initially, the Apple watch needs to pair with a smartphone, but nowadays Smartwatch can be standalone by itself and able to make and receive phone calls, with the added SIM card or eSIM in the smartwatch.

How To Measure Stress On Galaxy Watch Active 2

measure stress with Galaxy Watch Active 2

Luckily technology has evolved and we have those wearable devices to help us in checking our stress. Many technology companies have developed advanced smartwatches in recent years, allow us to measure our stress levels from our wrists. Samsung is one of these companies which have introduced many smartwatches since 2013. In this article, we are … Read more

How To Move Windows To SSD

How To Move Windows To SSD

SSD is more reliable than HDD. It is more shock-resistant. SSD also uses less power than HDD, and this will increase the battery life if you are using a laptop computer. After you install the new SSD, you need to know How To Move Windows To SSD. Here, we share with you various methods you can consider.