Can SD Card Store Games?

Can SD Card Store Games

Yes, it can. You are welcome to store your favorite games on the SD Card. Just make sure that you choose SD Card with good quality, and higher reading and writing speed.

What Is The Best SD Card For Digital Camera

Best SD Card for Digital Camera

The best SD card for Digital Camera is SanDisk Extreme PRO UHS-II. This is a SDXC card with higher bus interface speed (UHS-II) up to 312MB/s. It has a 2nd row of pins allowing faster transfer rates between the SD card and the devices.

11 Best Standalone Smartwatch With eSIM Cellular

Standalone Smartwatch

Since Apple introduced its Apple Watch in April 2015, the technology of smartwatch devices has evolved a lot. There are also many players in the market now. Initially, the Apple watch needs to pair with a smartphone, but nowadays Smartwatch can be standalone by itself and able to make and receive phone calls, with the added SIM card or eSIM in the smartwatch.

How Does A Smartwatch Measure Blood Pressure

How Does A Smartwatch Measure Blood Pressure

Smartwatch is getting more sophisticated and becoming better intelligent. Manufacturers are expanding their capabilities and using them to measure our health status. One area in which smartwatch makers developing is measuring our blood pressure. Wonder how a smartwatch takes your blood pressure?