Best Smartwatch for Texting

Before you make the purchase, take a look at our recommended smartwatches which have all the features you need for your texting.

We have done many hours of research and reading on the internet, spending more than one month on this topic and reviewing various sources. Feel free to leave any comment after you have read our blog post here.

Best Smartwatch for Texting
Best Smartwatch for Texting

Why use the Smartwatch for Texting?

  1. Not allowed to use a smartphone
  2. No noise allowed
  3. Privacy

There are times whereby you are not able to use your smartphone to make a call. For example, during a meeting or seminar, you receive an urgent message to reply immediately. It is at this moment, the usefulness of the smartwatch comes into play.

You can text your message on the smartwatch, without interrupting other people while you respond to an urgent request. You can even elaborate in detail in your text messages, how and what to do in each step, guiding your responder on what to do following your instruction in the text messages. 

More and more people are texting on their smartphones to communicate with others. It has become a habit the way they communicate with people around them, even family members. To keep up with the trend, smartwatches need to incorporate this texting feature; otherwise, it may feel odd to work without it.

What Features requiring for texting in a smartwatch?

  • Must be compatible with your smartphone
    • If you are an iPhone user, choose Apple Watch
    • Get the Samsung Galaxy Watch Series, if you have a Samsung phone
    • For Android phone users, choose smartwatches running in WearOS
  • The methods to send text
    • Using voice command
    • Handwriting on the watch screen/display
    • Able to send emojis
    • Able to send audio messages
    • Using WhatsApp, WeChat, Telegram, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook
  • Communicate via Bluetooth or cellular option (with cellular type more expensive)
    • you will need to pay a monthly fee to your phone carrier for the cellular plan at $10 for each user 
    • The bluetooth version used in your smartwatch will impact its battery life, with Bluetooth 5.0 uses less battery power but better signal reach and higher transmission quality
  • Long Battery Life
    • Smartwatch uses a lithium-ion battery to power up
    • An average smartwatch can last for about 1 to 2 days
    • Garmin Fenix 6X Pro Solar has the longest battery life at 120 days, due to its solar charging capability and better power storage.
    • To prolong the battery life, you need to limit those power-hungry features like always-on display and 24 hours tracking.
  • Mics allow you to use voice for texting, hands-free calling, and voice commands
    • Higher sensitivity mics are better for recording your voice clearly
    • Voice assistant features like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant
    • Using MEMS Microphone due to its compact size, low power consumption, and withstand vibrations.
    • Main suppliers could be Knowles, Goertek, STMicroelectronics, and AAC Technologies
  • Customized template allowing you to send text according to your preference
    • For Apple Watch, you can customize your reply message on the iPhone by editing the default message with your customize text
  • A bigger display is better and easier for writing and reading text
    • Currently, Ticwris and Refly smartwatches have the largest screen size at 2.86” in the market. If you like big-screen displays, take a look at the Amazon online store for these smartwatches.
  • The Always-on display allows you to see the text clearer
    • This feature is preferred by many users as it stops the smartwatch from going to sleep
    • It avoids unnecessary taps on the display or flicking your wrist making you look odd at times

What are the benefits of texting using a smartwatch?

  • Discreet when you are in a meeting without appearing rude watching your phone
  • Written confirmation and greater clarity compared with spoken words which can be ambiguous at times
  • Able to refer back for reference even months or years later

Which are the Smartwatches available for texting?

Here are the 10 Best Smartwatch for Texting we have selected for you to consider:

SmartwatchOur Review
Apple Watch Series 7        9/10Check Price
Samsung Galaxy Active 2        7/10Check Price
Samsung Galaxy Watch 4        8/10Check Price
Ticwatch Pro 4G        6/10Check Price
Fitbit Versa 3        7/10Check Price
Samsung Gear S3 Frontier        7/10Check Price
Motorola Moto 360        6/10Check Price
Fossil Gen 5 LTE        6/10Check Price
Smartwatches For Kids        7/10Check Price
Best Chinese Smartwatches        6/10Check Price
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1. Best for iPhone – Apple Watch Series 7

  • latest release from Apple in October 2021
  • The new QWERTY keyboard on the screen allows easy input of text, with machine learning capability to predict what word you are typing
  • Large 32GB storage as compared with other brands
  • 20% more screen area than Series 6 let you see more on the screen
  • Always-on Retina display gives you clearer text on screen
  • Dictating through Siri
  • Customizable templates
  • Smart replies
  • Feature scribble (convert messages, handwritten on the screen into text)
  • Reply with an audio clip, emoji, memoji, sticker, tapback, digital touch
  • Cons is price expensive, if it is main consideration, opt for Apple Watch SE instead -> cheaper with most features available but without the ECG and Blood Oxygen functions

2. Best for Android Phone – Samsung Galaxy Active 2

  • target Samsung phones
  • Use the text templates
  • Use handwriting-to-text function
  • Reply with emoji or memoji
  • Has both Bluetooth and cellular/LTE version
  • If pair with iPhone texting/email may not work
  • sleek (only 10.9mm thin) and lightweight (only 37g) design with a touch bezel
  • able to monitor and track your blood pressure via Samsung Health Monitor App
  • the Electrocardiogram (ECG) allow you to follow your heart rhythm and test for atrial fibrillation (Afib)

3. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic

  • The Classic version is $100 more than the standard version
  • Watch 4 Classic features a better material stainless steel case and leather strap
  • Watch 4 Standard type uses a lightweight aluminum case and silicone strap
  • Powered by Google WearOS
  • First introduced body composition analysis
  • Has message app pre-installed inside the watch
  • Allowing you to use your voice to send/reply to text messages
  • You can also use your handwriting 
  • Or use emoji
  • Can also use third-party apps such as WhatsApp to send/reply to messages

4. Best for Google WearOS – Ticwatch Pro 4G

  • US Military Standard 810G certified its durability
  • Super long battery life with layered display features allowing the battery to last from 2 days to 30 days (using Essential Mode). Thanks to its second, low-power display which keeps smartwatches running longer.
  • Display size is 1.39”, both for the OLED and overlaid LCD
  • Come with Google Assistant allows you to answer calls when your hands are busy with other things.

5. Fitbit Versa 3

  • Has customized text templates to use
  • Has text-to-voice feature
  • Large display at 1.58”
  • Built-in Amazon Alexa Assistant and support Google Assistant
  • Come with vibrating notifications (a discrete way informing you someone trying to reach you)
  • Larger display than Versa 2 and a higher resolution
  • Has a superb battery life of 6 days
  • has built-in GPS good for fitness run tracking

6. Samsung Gear S3 Frontier (Best Budget)

  • 4 ways for you to send text
    • Using voice converting into text
    • Make use of the built-in emojis
    • Take advantage of the keypad on display
    • Handwriting on the smartwatch screen
  • Popular due to its rotating bezel interfacing with the OS
  • Super AMOLED display with 360 x 360 resolution
  • Run on Samsung’s proprietary software – Tizen

7. Motorola Moto 360

  • Running WearOS by Google
  • Many Apps (WhatsApp, Google Maps, Spotify, etc you love are on your watch)
  • Fast full charge in 60 min
  • Always-on display, no tilting required

8. Fossil Gen 5 LTE

  • A detailed explanation teaches you how to send messages by the text below
  • You have 4 options to send/reply to a text message
  • Power by Google WearOS which you can trust
  • A leading Global watch brand you will feel proud to own one
  • Works best with Android phones

9. Smartwatches for kids

  • When your child is too young for a smartphone, getting them a smartwatch is a better option
  • VTech has a wide range of smartwatches for kids, from texting to learning

10. Best Chinese Smartwatches

  • With 1.4 billion population, China is a huge market and there are many Chinese Smartwatch makers you can consider like Amazfit, Huami, LEMFO, Huawei, etc
  • Chinese brands are much cheaper but with high quality and outstanding features you should consider

Guide to buying the Best Smartwatch for texting

  • Make sure it is compatible with your smartphone
    • For example, if you are using an iPhone, it is better to get an AppleWatch instead of a Samsung Galaxy Active 2 because some of the features will not work
    • Same if you have a Samsung phone, getting the Galaxy watch series will allow you to use Samsung’s watchOS (Tizen) functionality
    • For Android phone users, our advice is to get those smartwatches with Google WearOS, targeting Android users
  • Have enough battery power allowing you to text
    • The minimum hours your smartwatch needs to last when you are out in the field is 18 hours, that is the number of hours after you minus your 6-hour sleep. That is why Apple Watches last at least this amount when you use most of its features and functionality.
    • Some smartwatches can last up to 21 days, there are trade-offs that you need to forgo like disabling the Bluetooth feature, removing the Always-on Display functionality, turning off some of the sensors
  • Sensitive mic so it can detect your voice
    • The Voice-to-text feature is on the smartwatches, thus having a good mic with high sensitivity will help to detect your voice clearer
  • Size of display or screen
    • A bigger and brighter display will allow you to text and read
    • Sturdy and tactile
  • Other features that you need on top of the texting capability like fitness tracking, health checks, deliver notifications, apps, etc
  • Talk-to-text or talk-to-type feature allows your spoken words to convert into text. This feature is very useful since all smartwatches have a very small display to input text. By using this talk-to-text feature, you can overcome the limitations the display can provide
  • A good keyboard that is easy to use, big enough for you to press the alphabet/numbers, and responsive to your touch on the smartwatch display.
  • Watch Case and Wrist Band
    • There are 3 main types of case materials used in most smartwatches: aluminum, titanium, and stainless steel; each having its unique characteristics like heavier/lighter, durability, scratch-resistant, etc
    • Most smartwatches offer a wide range of wrist band for customization, allowing you to match your personality

Final Thought

We hope you have gathered useful information from the above article and are keen to have your favorite smartwatch with you.

Amazon offers a wide range of Smartwatches with texting capabilities and useful features. You will be able to select one that meets your specific needs. 

We welcome you to visit any of the 10 Smartwatches we listed above and choose the one you love the most.

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4 thoughts on “Best Smartwatch for Texting”

  1. Wow! So many choices! I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, and I would like to pair it up with a nice smartwatch. I don’t need anything fancy, just something that does the job.

    For a first timer like me, what would you recommend? The Galaxy Active 2 or the Galaxy Watch 4? Price is important but not the deciding factor.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Wow…Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is a great phone. It has many wonderful features and I would recommend you to pair with a good Buddy -> Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, which uses new Google WearOS and Samsung’s One UI. 

      It has been 2 years since the Galaxy Active 2 introduced and it should be time for a refresh. With the new Google WearOS, it should give you a better user experience. Furthermore, the price for Galaxy Watch 4 is cheaper than Galaxy Active 2. Watch 4 come with 16GB storage as compared with only 4GB in Active 2. You can consider the Bluetooth model which cost $50 less than the LTE type.

      Use the Galaxy Wearable App on your phone to pair it with the smartwatch. You can use the Samsung Health App on your phone to see those activities recorded/tracked by the Galaxy Watch 4.

      If you are keen to get one, appreciate you can use the Amazon Link on my website and purchase one. It will be no additional cost to you, and help me to maintain my website. Thank you very much for the support.

  2. Best Smartwatches are not only stylish and functional, but they also bring a whole new level of convenience to our daily lives. With just a glance at our wrist, we can access notifications, track our fitness goals, control our music, and even make phone calls. It’s like having a personal assistant right on our wrists! Smartwatches are truly the perfect blend of fashion and technology, making them a must-have accessory for anyone who wants to stay connected and on top of their game.

    • Yes, absolutely. With a smartwatch on hand, things get better and easier. Since my family bought the Apple SE watch for me, I am able to track my running time, with just a press of the button on the smartwatch. No need to take out my iPhone to activate the running Apps anymore.

      Anytime my colleagues, friends, or family sent me a message, I will be notified on the smartwatch. I can even use it to set my time limit for any activity I want to keep track of.

      Hope you too enjoy the convenient smartwatch bring to you.


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