What Is The Best 3D Camera For Real Estate

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With a good 3D camera, you will be able to provide the high quality photo or video to show your clients. Thereby, help you to generate more income. It is a tool which can help you to show off your most impressive listings.

There are plenty of opportunities for content creation and new ways of story telling with this new type of cameras. More advanced features and functions are being developed each day, so stay tune with its development in the market.

Want to know which are the best 3D camera in the market now? Read on below …

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What Is A 3D Camera And How Does It Work

A 3D camera is a specialized image device that uses binocular vision in order to capture three-dimensional images.

Unlike traditional cameras, which typically use just one lens, 3D cameras use two lenses in order to create depth perception. This is achieved by capturing image data from both lenses to be used in post processing and image stitching.

By combining image data from these two separate sources, a detailed three-dimensional image of the scene can be created. The result is a more realistic representation of the world around us and a better viewing experiences for viewers at home.

New breed of camera may comes with automatic in-camera stitching, simpler software and lightweight, portable designs. These improvements have generated even higher demand in 3D application.

Overall, 3D cameras represent an exciting new development in image technology, using cutting edge technology to create stunning visual experiences.

The Benefits Of Using A 3D Camera For Real Estate

The main benefit of using a 3D camera is that it allows you to create floor plans and room dimensions for listings. In addition, you can use the camera to map out the property as you go through it, which can be very helpful for potential buyers.

Another benefit is that you can use the camera to take virtual reality tours of properties, which can be very impressive to potential buyers. Visitors can visualize the internal area of the property they are buying and have a stronger emotional attachment.

Finally, using a 3D camera can help you save time and money on advertising costs.

11 Best 3D Camera For Real Estate

Here are the 11 best 3D Camera we have selected for your consideration. We spend almost two weeks studying all the 3D cameras listed in the market, and have narrow down this 11 best for you.

We feel that the best way to show you how good the camera, is to show you with a video showing how the camera is being used to shoot a real estate. Every camera we selected here will include one video for you to watch:

#1. Ricoh Theta Z1 51GB

  • This camera is offering around US$1,000 on Amazon, equip with built-in internal memory 51GB.
  • You will need the Adobe Lightroom as the main software for editing and stitching.
  • It features two 1-inch sensors with superior quality than other cameras, producing 23MP images and 4K video with image stabilization.
  • Able to shoot RAW DNG allowing you to do more in depth editing and perform high-speed wireless data transfer.
  • There is an option for automatic HDR reducing your editing effort but produce great photo.
  • Negative Feedback -> lack of touch screen, removable battery and microSD card slot, expensive and not very user-friendly.

#2. Ricoh Theta SC2

  • This model is targeting budget conscious users and can purchase from Amazon at less than US$300 only. There are 4 different color for you to choose: white, blue, pink and sand.
  • This is a 360 degree camera and can produce 4K video. It is power by one lithium polymer battery and has 14GB internal memory.
  • It can be mounted on a standard 1/4″ screw-in tripod.
  • SC2 is compatible with iOS & Android devices.

#3. Trisio Lite 2

  • This camera is easy to operate and require you to fix it on a tripod. Operating it is through Trisio App on your phone.
  • You can upload your 360 photo on Kuula platform with a 180 degree Field of View.
  • There is only one lens on this camera and it works by turning on its axis and shoot all the photos and stitch them together.
  • Maximum resolution is 32MP with an auto HDR mode to boost your images.
  • It has 8GB of internal flash memory storage for you to store photos, with a battery last about 3 hours.
  • You can get it from Amazon at less than US$400.
  • Negative Feedback -> Not able to shoot video and limited functions to edit the photo.

#4. Matterport Pro 2

  • This 3D camera is expensive (about US$3,500 at Amazon) and require you to have monthly subscription with Matterport.
  • In Singapore, top property agency company ERA partner with Matterport, helping its real estate agents to create 3D virtual property tours. This is a strong signal that Matterport is the King of Virtual Tour Service Provider in the industry.
  • This camera allows you to create professional 3D virtual experiences with 360 views and 4K photography. You are able to have the 3D model of the property as well and navigate throughout the place you are visiting.
  • Matterport offer not just virtual walk through tour, but also the digital twin. Digital Twin is Matterport unique features, allowing you to create 3D virtual tour comes with 4K images, 360 degree panos, MatterTags and floor plans.
  • It has 3D sensing, infrared 3D sensor, providing 134MP high resolution photo, equip with WiFi to transfer data from the camera to an iOS or Android device.

#5. Insta360 One X2

  • This is a 360 degree waterproof action camera with excellent image stabilization.
  • You can insert a microSD card inside the battery compartment to increase its memory storage.
  • You can get it from Amazon below US$500.
  • It has an ultra-bright circle touch screen for you to preview your shot, and a 1630mAh battery.
  • ONE X2 uses 4 mics to locate and hone in on your voice.
  • It works with Matterport system.

#6. Insta360 Pro 2

  • Can produce videos with 8K resolution using 6 lenses to capture every angle of a scene at once.
  • You can upload captured 360 video footage to Google Street View, as Google have certified this camera as “Street View Ready”.
  • Additional memory can be added by using external SD card to the Insta360 Pro 2. It has in-camera stitching, meaning you can shoot a video and have it stitched together straight off in the camera, without you doing any post-processing.
  • The price of this camera is huge, almost US$5,000 but with its functions and features professional will love it.

#7. GoPro Max Action 360

  • For editing, you need to use Adobe Lightroom, which cost US$9.99/month.
  • You can get this camera from Amazon below US$500 as of this writing.
  • It has a touchscreen, mics on most sides of the camera accepting SD card for storage memory.
  • Equip with dual 180 degree lenses that can shoot 16.6MP 360 degree photos.
  • It can generate 5.6K30 spherical video and with 5.5MP single lens.
  • It is waterproof up to 16 feet.

#8. Vuze XR

  • This is an entry-level camera comes with 18MP sensor resolution. You can switch between 360 degree (2D) and 180 degree (3D) models with a single push button.
  • It comes with microSD card slot, allow you to expand the memory storage and cost around US$600.
  • This camera is capable of in-camera stitching and live broadcasting.
  • Come with free desktop software for you to do editing of your photo shoots.
  • The accompanying smartphone app act as the viewfinder and control the camera’s settings.
  • Negative feedback -> battery life is not great and the buttons easily hit accidentally.

#9. Samsung Gear 360

  • This camera is good for beginner starting to explore 360 degree photo shoots. It is easy to use and relatively cheap as compared with other cameras. Can get from Amazon below US$300.
  • You can use the Batch Gear 360 Stitching Tool from “nadirpatch.com”, to create panorama from raw files of your Samsung Gear 360 cameras.
  • For video, you can use Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus to stitch your video shot on the camera (Apple/Mac lover will need to use Muvee stitcher instead).
  • It has apps for both iOS and Android devices, allowing you to preview what you can do and play around with the setting on the gallery remotely.
  • This Gear 360 has multi-exposure HDR photo mode.
  • You can insert your SD card inside the camera to store your memory shoots.
  • Negative feedback -> although it can record 4K resolution but the result seem only 720p.

#10. iGuide Camera Systems

  • There are 2 main models: iGuide Planix Core (about US$1,500) and iGuide Planiex Pro (less than US$3,000)
  • You may purchase from their website at https://store.goiguide.com
  • It uses Ricoh THETA Z1 camera and provide 360 degrees Field of View
  • The output resolution is 26MP with WiFi capability
  • Weight 3.6kg

#11. Fujifilm FinePix 3D W3

  • Can purchase this camera from Amazon at less than US$900.
  • It has a 3.5″ LCD displaying 3D images instantly without any glasses.
  • This camera uses two lenses and two 10MP sensors to get a stereoscopic 3D effect, at the same time taking and layering two 2D images together into a single 3D composite.
  • Images and videos are captured onto the SD memory card.

How To Choose The Right 3D Camera

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(1) When choosing a 3D camera, the intended application is the most important factor to consider. For example, if you want to produce high quality photos, you’ll need a camera with a higher resolution than if you’re simply looking to capture some basic 3D images. We recommend using a camera with at least 18MP.

(2) For real estate application, you would like to visualize the internal area of the property you are buying. Therefore, the 3D camera should provide the image you want. Recently a virtual tour is also commonly offer by most of the real estate agents, to show off their most impressive listings.

(3) Easy to use and affordability of the camera is also important criteria for professional photographers and Realtor to consider, before they make the final selection.

(4) The next thing to consider is what you want to achieve with your 3D photos. If you’re looking to create detailed models or prints, then you’ll need a camera with good depth sensing capabilities.

(5) The processing speed of the 3D camera will affect the photo, images and video quality. You will want to get one which has superb processing power and speed to handle complex shooting.

(6) Field of View is like the camera’s field of vision. A wider field of view allows more images to include in the same view window.

(7) Finally, make sure that the 3D camera you choose is priced reasonably. There’s no point in spending a lot of money on a camera if it can’t produce the results you need.

In Summary

Excited to get one 3D camera for your business? or for your leisure activities?

If you have budget constraint and just started to use 3D camera, we suggest Samsung Gear 360 for your exploration. For those who would like to offer top best quality 3D video/photo, and faster turnaround time for your shooting, do opt for the Matterport Pro 2. This camera has been used and recognized by many top real estate agencies.

Head over to any of the above cameras and start your new exploration. Have fun and enjoy.

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10 thoughts on “What Is The Best 3D Camera For Real Estate”

  1. Using a 3D camera to film a property gives the viewer a much clearer idea as to the layout and feel of a house that they want to view. If a buyer is interested in a property, they can view it online and see if they like it enough that they want to visit it in person.

    So the buyer and the seller, as well as the agent, can save time and effort by having a 3D view to watch first. For a real estate agent to be competitive these days, it is essential to have a 3D reality tour for properties that potential customers can view. Thank you for these 3D cameras and suggestions, it is a great help for anybody that is in the market for a 3D camera.

    • Thank you for the comment and glad that you find this post useful. Do share with your friends or colleagues if they are looking to get one 3D camera.

      From cheaper alternative to high power camera, we cover 11 of the best cameras for those who are interested. 

      Feel free to give us your feedback and we will include them in our review next round. 

  2. I have been interested in 3d cameras for awhile now. My interest is not for showing homes, but rather for showing property.  I have been thinking that this type of camera would have several outdoors uses including travel logs and hiking reports.  I had not realized how reasonably priced most of these camera are.  The pro model is beyond me, but many of the others seem to have great quality for a good price.  I am going to research a couple of these more to understand if they are appropriate for the application.  Thanks for the information.

    • Thank you for the comment.

      For Travel Vlogging you may consider GoPro Max or Insta360 One X2. These two cameras are portable and light, easy to carry around and affordable. 

      According to statistics, the number of GoPro devices shipped worldwide in 2021 is around 3 million units. This is an assurance that this brand has good quality and reputation in the market. 

      Insta360 launched its Insta360 One Camera in 2017 and has since released three more models – Insta360 One X in 2018, Insta360 One R and Insta360 One X2 in 2020. All these cameras allows us to capture our lives as we live it, they also put us in the center of our own story, without the help of a friend or cameraman.

      Have fun with any of these 3D camera and enjoy every moment of them.

  3. How long have 3D cameras been for?

    Are they expensive and can they be used for also taking regular family pictures?

    Coming across this article blows my mind to even hear that a 3D camera exists. Until now I never knew that these cameras existed, I always thought that a real estate agent would tour the house for a video and put dialogue and uplead it when the edits are finished. Going back to that is when they move the camera everywhere too for special effects and to make the house more interesting.

    There’s something about the insta360. it looks so cool and futuristic with its design and how you can get a picture/video on all sides. That would make a perfect security camera in the future unless I’m not catching on and there already is a camera that exists like that. 

    The INSTA360 pro 2 looks easier to carry and more compatible, to help real estate agents, the time using it would be easier it is almost the size of putting your own phone into a pocket. It makes their life easier because they don’t have to be carrying a whole tripod and also a camera wherever they go in the house.

    I’m definitely bookmarking this article and website I need to have it for future references and also mindblowing things that I did not know existed, this site looks like the products of the future it has available for the public. 

    • According to our search engine genius – Google, the first 3D camera was invented in 1969 by Chris Condon. It has gone through many years of improvement and development, and with 3D contents exploding in our era, it is time for us to utilize it in our daily life.

      We expect the price for a general use 3D camera to go below US$300 by the end of this year. For professional and advanced models, the price will still exceed US$1,000 due to those sophisticated components inside the camera. 

      However, given its superior performance and high resolution quality and feel good effect, it is worth to invest on those good cameras. For professional photographer or real estate agent, the investment can always gained back when they show their final work to their clients.

      Since 2015 Insta360 has been developing many innovative cameras for 360 photography, we expect more to come in the coming years. We have confident of their product quality and the camera performance. 

      You are right on spot to choose Insta360 cameras, either for professional use or family outing. You will love it!

  4. I run a website for a local real estate business that rents residential and commercial properties, and I feel that while the properties are fantastic, the photos don’t really do them justice. I like the idea of getting the 3d version of a walkthrough posted online for potential renters to be able to vet the locations without the need to schedule an in-person appointment. Thanks for your recommendations. Which would be your top pick for a total beginner who doesn’t yet want to spend a lot?

    • Hi Aly,

      Thanks for the comment.

      For beginner the Ricoh Theta SC2 is the ideal 3D camera to use for real estate 360 degree photo shooting. Current offer on Amazon is about $296, which is a very attractive pricing. 

      This camera can take photos with great dynamic range, making the images looks colorful and vibrant. It will be your powerful tool to support local real estate business. 

  5. Hi Thomas
    Thanks for sharing your review on best 3D cameras for real estate. In recent time real estate business is Catching up and we need all sort of tools which can enhance the appearance of the property while having a Virtual tour. 

    To Be available physically at a particular site is very expensive, comparing with other choices or options available to you. In that case of Virtual tour by 3D camera, this sound like a good solution. 

    I would prefer to go with Samsung Gear 360 camera as the price is quite reasonable and fits all the requirement.

    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    • Hi Gaurav Gaur,

      Definitely, with the 3D camera you can provide a virtual tour to your clients at any time of the day. Once they have an emotional attachment to the property you show them, they are likely to come back to you for further discussion. 

      It is a strong marketing tool you should leverage on and allow you to stand out among all the other agents. Many real estate professionals have started using the 3D camera to market residential properties in many part of the world.

      Samsung products generally have very good rating. Therefore your selection of the Samsung Gear 360 will never go wrong.  

      You may get one today and start exploring all the built-in features come with the camera.


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