Types Of SSDs

7 Popular Types Of SSD Drives

There are many types of SSDs in the market, and it can be rather confusing when buying an SSD. Most of the SSD manufacturers classify their SSDs based on form factors and interfaces.

How To Move Windows To SSD

How To Move Windows To SSD

SSD is more reliable than HDD. It is more shock-resistant. SSD also uses less power than HDD, and this will increase the battery life if you are using a laptop computer. After you install the new SSD, you need to know How To Move Windows To SSD. Here, we share with you various methods you can consider.

How to install SSD

How To Install SSD In Desktop & Laptop

Here are some of the ways you can use to install SSD on your desktop or laptop computer. We have used the methods here to install SSD in our desktop PC and it works very well.

How to check SSD health

How To Check SSD Health

Here are 6 methods you can use to check your SSD health. I have used some of the methods on my own Windows PC and Macbook Pro.